How To Lose Thighs And Hips

Tips on how to lose thighs and hips

If you’ve ever wondered why the thighs are so prone to packing on flab, the answer is simply that it’s a combination of aging (notably with woman) and sedentary lifestyle.

The problem is easily, affordably and painlessly tackled, employing a combination of cardio exercise and strength training in conjunction with best fat burning foods.

It’s seemingly anomalous that you can do all the leg exercises you know how, and finish up with nothing more than muscular thighs encased in blubber.

The secret is to work hard on cardio exercise, which keeps the heart pumping blood vigorously through the body, thus stimulating your body’s metabolism; this has the effect of turning calories from fat to energy rather than letting them accumulate as more fat.How To Lose Thighs And Hips

The American Council on Exercise recommends at least three hours a week – five if you can – of cardio workout; if you’re trying to lose weight, up that ratio to six hours.  Spread over seven days, that’s not at all difficult to attain.

To fine-tune the job, concentrate on exercises that target the legs, such as climbing stairs, walking or even jogging.

how to lose thighs and hips walking and jogging

Walking and jogging can be tailored to your needs, keeping in mind that if you are older and sedentary then blistering laps around the block are not something you’re going to take on straight away.  Doing it on the pool bottom or through thick sand are both highly beneficial.

So the other side of the equation on slimming the thighs, and that’s diet.  First and foremost, avoid foods that are heavy in saturated fats, sugars and sodium, as they are the offenders in fluid and fat retention.

If you’re possessed of a natural predisposition to flabby thighs, stuff such as fried food, crisps and chocolate cake will have a wicked way with you.  Assure your metabolism a smoother action by taking five or six small meals a day, instead of three big ones.

How to lose thighs and hips with correct meat  and meals

Lean meat and green leafy vegies are your best bet for main meals, and between meals plug the gaps with low-fat dairy, nuts and high fibre fruits (being sure to eat the whole fruit, not just drink the juice).

You should not go for longer than three hours without something to eat, and if you’ve scheduled a heavy workout then boost your energy levels with some good carbohydrates such as whole-grain pasta.

Hydration’s another crucial factor in weight loss from around the upper legs, indeed for fat loss generally.  Drink a lot of water throughout the day, and that means at least five pints – more if you can comfortably manage it – to maintain a fast metabolism.

How to lose thighs and hips – a few words on strength training

Strength training harbours no secrets.  It aids in shedding the pounds from your thighs by building lean muscle tissue, which is denser than fat and looks sleeker, but importantly, it burns more calories.

With plenty of muscle tissue, you can be burning calories all day and night, even while inactive.

Lunges, leg curls and leg presses are good exercises for trimming the thighs; lunges can even be done while carrying dumbbells.   Expensive gym membership, however, is not necessary; you can do some very productive exercises at home, and to the fore here is yoga.

You’ll lose weight with yoga by reducing stress.  Leg presses and wall sits are in-home favourites, too, and they make up a group of exercises that you need to do till your thighs feel weak and shaky – at which point you stop for 24 hours, then resume each alternate day and so forth.

Follow this routine sensibly and regularly and you are on right track on how to lose thighs and hips.

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